How political organisations can become more attractive to young adults

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Philipp Köbe


This article deals with the relationship between the attractiveness of political parties and the younger generation. A recent survey of the attitudes of 15 to 25 year-olds revealed that young people are both interested in political issues and willing to assume responsibility through participation. Due to the increasing individualisation in our society, the offers of political organisations must match the needs of the younger generation. Lesser options should be developed that offer a multitude of opportunities in different spheres of participation, and these options must be carried into the relevant media of young people with sufficient information. An instrument in the form of an evaluation model is offered to the political organisations to help them excercise control.

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Philipp Köbe, Hashtag Gesundheit e.V.

Philipp Koebe is a young scientist working in the fields of social security and society. He has a master’s degree in health economics and a master’s degree in business law. He has many years of practical experience in healthcare companies and was one of the founders of the Initiative Hashtag Gesundheit e.V. (Hashtag Health Initiative).