Über die Zeitschrift


Journal Overview

The Colour Turn is a peer-reviewed journal that seeks to promote and advance interdisciplinary research into Colour Studies. Colour is a multi-faceted topic that lends itself to inquiry from a wide range of fields within the natural sciences, technological studies and the humanities. As its name figuratively and literally suggests, the aim of the interdisciplinary and international journal Colour Turn is to turn over a new leaf in colour research. The journal invites high-quality research articles and papers that implement innovative approaches—including scientific methodologies, historical re-construction, collection and close reading of old and new materials, empirical experiments, digital humanities, analytical, comparative and critical reviews—that open up new horizons in colour sciences and colour studies. The journal promises a collaborative effort of high-profile editorial and review expertise from all around the world in the field of colour research.


Scope of the Journal

As an internationally operating peer-reviewed journal, the Colour Turn wishes to bring together scholars from diverse fields from around the globe and cultivate a collaborative digital platform for their research. Accessible in print and electronic format, the journal is meant for researchers, professionals, students and general readers alike. The journal publishes high-quality research papers, academic reviews and articles in six key investigative domains: Colour and the Mind, Colour and Nature, Colour and Technology, Colour and Communication, Colour in Art and Media, and Colour in Culture and Society.



Diese Zeitschrift bietet freien Zugang (Open Access) zu ihren Inhalten, entsprechend der Grundannahme, dass die freie öffentliche Verfügbarkeit von Forschung einem weltweiten Wissensaustausch zugute kommt.